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We’re Back…Running and Raising $$$!!!!


I thank Jodi again for finding a new running adventure for us that is inspiring, challenging and making a difference! In a strange round about of connections, Jodi has gotten us involved in TEAM DREA. This new challenge has already brought about an immense amount of joy and well, some tears as well. It has proven to be another experience of God’s grace mixed up in the sadness, confusion, anger and challenges the are wrapped up in ALS. One piece of this grace is a new found friendship. I met Andrea and her husband Dave last week Sunday on Mother’s day and we went on a wonderful run/trike together in Falls Church, VA. It was the best Mother’s Day I’ve had since my mom passed away. Then, one week later, we gathered in Raleigh to support fellow Team Drea members at the Ramblin Rose!


Andrea and me cheering on fellow Team Drea member, Julie, at the Ramblin Rose in Raleigh!

In case you didn’t click on the link above, Andrea is the inspiration and motivation behind Team Drea. Diagnosed with ALS at age 33 one year after completing 5 triathlons, Andrea challenged people to challenge themselves by picking a race and using this challenge to raise money for the Blazeman Foundation. So, that is exactly what Jodi and I are doing! We have challenged ourselves to run the Navy Half Marathon in Washington DC on  September 20 and raise money! We would be honored and grateful if you would join us on our journey to find a cure for ALS.

To support us, click here:




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